Thursday, September 21, 2017

Well, once again, its been time since the last update.

There are so much to put a pen down yet. be it good or bad.

This year turning the age of 26 is indeed a difficult year for me.

Time to think of responsibility, time to cherish the moment i have with my family, time to have some deep thought on what i really want or how should my life be in 10 years to come.

So many things happened, so many regretful decision, so many downs, so many things got emotional.

felt I've lost my directions. lost in the middle of the ocean. dont know to swim forward, back, left or right. Just staying at status quo waiting for the wave to bring me to the destiny.

I know its not right, i know i must do something, but honestly ive really lost.

There are so much to take it, there are so much to keep track, there are just so much to absorb.

How good if there is another "me" who can help me...

Still looking for answer~~~

Where should i go~~ What should i do~~~ How could that be~~~ Why I am here?

I guess its really time to go for a solo trip??
have a walk to foreign land, meeting unfamiliar faces and probably i could get my answer?

Yup I should do so... let this year die off, and begin a brand new journey next year..

Saturday, August 27, 2016


It is around the corner!! 
The most important event for KSTS annually!! 
Charity Dinner 2016! 
Being a 15th year anniversary, more work needs to be done! 
Today was rehearsal for the program flow and PA testing.
It was rather an informal one but clearly there are many things still not complete yet! 

Performance well is all good.. But the PA side is very unprepare. Slides not complete, songs nt finalise. Transitions for the slides and the songs are nt perfect. It is indeed many work needs to be done to fine tune all this! But hopefully next week rehearsal will be a better one!! And more prepared one after this round of nt so prepared arrangement. 

Pray hard! 

Alright thats all! 
** went to catch pokemon jz now hahaha it has been sometime** 😁😂😂

Time to sleep night~~~ 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Angel around us~~


Indeed a day to remember.

I was on the way home from a rehearsal session with my friend as my SJAM Charity Dinner is around the corner.

Suddenly we saw a road accident, being a Malaysian, as usual we will slow down and have a look. And being a First Aider, I always have a cautious mind, if there is a need of first aid assistant, I will be there to assist.

And yup!! There is someone laying on the floor. Make a quick turn around the Roundabout and stops by the side of the road, grab my first aid kit and go~~
**It will comes into handy even you do not know any first aid, you could provide equipment for others who know as well**

There already a person, I will call him Boy A here already using some shirts to help the lady stop bleeding.
I grab my bandage and immediately substitute it as it is cleaner to use bandage as a padding.
Which the Boy A hold the padding, i got my member YW to secure the padding.

Other than that, i did an overall diagnosis checking the limbs and other part for some sensative part, i got my female friend to assist, YY. There are no visible injuries. Casualty able to move all limbs without any difficulty hence chances for spinal injury is minimal but we have to be cautious as she is a 7 months old pregnant lady.

No blood coming out from lower body and i think there shouldnt be anything severe for the baby hopefully.

The ambulance took about 20-30 mins to arrive which is consider slow to me as every seconds seems like an hour to me there as I can see the casualty starting to feel tired and blur as she takes longer and longer time to answer my question like what is your name, how many children etc. probably due to the bleeding. I would say if the ambulans delay any 5-10 min definitely she will fall into Shock.

Anyway, all went smoothly hopefully both the baby and the lady will recover in a short period of time.

Being a First Aider and I really hope our Ambulance Service could kick start as soon as possible as definitely there is a very high demand of efficient ambulance service.

For the Service of Mankind.

This incident motivates me to continue serve the community and train more angel around us so there could one day assist someone who needs first aid assistant.
I do not regret joining this wonderful organisation who structure me to someone today! Keeping the volunteering spirit high.

Thats all for today~~~ time to sleep ~~~

Friday, August 12, 2016

Tired of work

Its getting more mentally and physically tiring as the workforce are not being able to commit together as a team. 

People are just too calculative when it comes to work and at the end, the one who suffers is those that uphold responsibility and hardworking. 

When reward comes, everyone gets the same return which demotivates those who give all in for the betterment of the company. 

You may say they are dumb, indeed yes. Why put so much effort when others is getting the same reward as you in return? 

Just saying, family teaching structure us to withold principle, responsibility and do not be calculative. I wont be like them as i believe there will be a difference one day! 

Enduring the pain and hardwork! Gambateh!!! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Something to bright up my day

There is 2 good news to share with everyone.

First is, my request to seek permission to open new division in 4 schools has been approved!! This means i will have a better say when approach school to start up a stjohn division. 
Its crucial for my area to have more division this is because we can increase the available manpower and also let more people know that we are around in this neighbourhood. With this, we are able to engage with the public to market our service 😊😊 definitely positive impact will be more than negative! 

Second good news is after so many years of requesting, finally my 5 years service medal has been approved! My years of service in SJAM has been acknowledged! Of course we serve not because of these awards. But being awarded certainly motivates me to continue to do everything i can for this organisation! 

Back to the days when i first join until now, Im really glad that im part of this family! There may be people having an opposing view with me, but to me, this organisation is a part of me. I will do all I can to keep it runnihg and ofcourse improve the contribution to the comunity in KSTS! 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Suddenly have a feeling while others is moving on with lifes but im still standing still and even fall back~~ 

Things that i thought i do great doesn't seems great anymore... People that used to be moving apart from me... Wondering what mistake that i've made. But nvm will follow the flow~~

Everything will be better one day~~~

Saturday, July 23, 2016

SJAM investiture Ceremony

Well once again another year had passed, time for investiture ceremony again to appreciate the contribution of our members of ST John who spend most of their time volunteering for the betterment of society. 

Honestly the spirit of volunteerism really inspire me lots. Not receiving anything in return and yet we are spending time and effort for an organisation which does not own by us. Sole objective is really to serve, to improve the ambulance service in Malaysia. 

Moving forward there will be many challege coming up to sustain our non governmental organisation especially on costing and funding issues. However, the work of humanity has consistently inspire others to contribute to the organisation! It is this consistentcy and unconditional effort of all individuals in this little organisation that make it succeed! 

KSTS is 15 years old now, we had some glorious moment in the pass, we went through a major downfall and now we are in the mids of preparing for a good come back! With determination and strong support of members i believe this can be done! Having the right person to do the right work its important! Hence my main focus will be on getting a small group o be my right and left to tackle some issue to support.... Hopefully everything will goes smooth! 

Stay consistent, stay focus, and we will be able to achieve our goal in no time!! 👍🏻👍🏻